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"First aid" box

The picture shows 9 Post-It cards on which keywords are written, such as "Test anxiety?", "Discrimination?", "Psychotherapy?", "Legal advice?". One hand pulls a piece of paper from the wall, on which "Personal integrity?" is written.

Religious Studies and the University of Basel has various contact points and services that one can make use of for specific problems - exam anxiety, critical feedback on the course offerings, sexual harassment, etc.

Student Association of Religious Studies (FG)

The FG represents the interests of the students before the employees of the university. It is a low-threshold point of contact for questions about studies, but also for confidential feedback about teaching and the general atmosphere.

Email Student Association of Religious Studies


Personal Integrity

The Personal Integrity Coordination Office is a low-threshold, confidential and personal point of contact, advice and support in cases of discrimination, bullying and sexual harassment.

Website with events and instructions for action in cases of bullying, discrimination and sexual harassment.

Email Cora Wagner

Phone +41 61 207 09 89


Contact point Skuba (german)

In the event of violations of personal integrity, the board member of skuba's Social Affairs Department also serves as a confidential and low-threshold point of contact.

Email Skuba Social Affairs Department


Student counseling

The Student Advice Center is the point of contact for students with questions about their study careers and work techniques, as well as for personal and psychological problems.

Email Student Advice Center University of Basel

+41 61 207 29 29


Legal advice

Members of skuba can take advantage of free legal advice: Email with the subject "SKUBA-Clinic: CONFIDENTIAL" to Mischa Zenklusen and Franziska B├Ąchler.


Ombudsman's Office

The Ombudsman's Office is aavailable to all university members for the purpose of dealing with internal university concerns and complaints, provided that they do not lie within the competence area of other bodies.

Email to Ombudsman's Office


Psychotherapy for students

The Center for Psychotherapy offers therapy sessions at a student rate.

Email Center for Psychotherapy University of Basel


Students without Barriers

The service point 'Studieren ohne Barrieren' (StoB) is available to students with disabilities, chronic illnesses, and mental impairments for advice on the topic of disadvantage compensation/examination adjustment.

Email to Patricia Winter

Phone +41 61 207 17 19


Student Association Mind Map

Mind Map provides an overview of psychological counseling services within and outside of the university and is available to assist in selecting a contact point. Immediate help

Email Student Association Mind Map